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<License Agreements>

Users of the pictures in the CD are deemed to have read and accepted the conditions outlined below.

●You may not use apart from the purposes of producing the CD mentioned below. If you intend to use the CD otherwise, you must consult Beppu Tourism Association Corp. (termed as “Tourism Association” in the rest of this agreement)

<The purposes of producing the CD>

・To develop and publish the tours which include Beppu city as one of its destinations.
・To insert the images of the CD into the papers, magazines, TV or websites to promote the tourism of Beppu city.

●Copyright of all the images of the CD is reserved for Beppu city, Oita prefecture and Tourism Association the third parties who provide Beppu city with those images.
●Under no circumstances shall Tourism Association be liable for any hazard, incident or other sorts of damage occurred in course of using the CD.
●You may not sell the CD to other parties, and reproduce or copy without permission.
●If any breach of the foregoing shall be conducted by users, without any notice or announcement, the permission of using the CD shall be dismissed.
●When any disputes or trouble shall occur among Tourism Association, users or other parties, the Japanese internal laws shall be applied to solve the dispute.